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RPM 08 (2008)

Not very inventive title but the music I completed for this year's Challenge

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Brave Heart


Brave Heart is a super-group formed with the drummer/bassist/backing vocalist of Broken Reflection, the vocalist of Feedback, the guitarist of FFA, the vocalist/other drummer of Broken Reflection, the bassist of Cantonese Traffic, noise maker #2 of Revolutrio, the Bull fiddle player of Humans, the drummer/guitarist of Full Effect (formerly "Thrash of the Titans"), noise maker #3 of Revolutrio, the guitarist of Dogshit, the bassist/co-vocalist of Feedback, the bassist for Bob Jr. and the Martini Gardners, Gregorian chanter #3 of Chantera, the bassist for CATA Jam Club, and the drummer of DeadFaktor. Brave Heart was born of humble beginnings and it's members (Bobby and Zac) form the greatest NH comedy grincore band of all time. Check out some of our noise at...

Zac Arnault- Guitar, drums, "vocals." Bobby Cotter- Guitar, drums, "vocals."



Completed Albums

RPM 08(2008)

Not very inventive title but the music I completed for this year's Challenge

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